Design Insight: The Power of CGIs

20 June 2020

Converting a client’s vision into a concept design is one of the most rewarding aspects of the project process, apart from delivering the completed works of course!

This post gives an insight into the way we use visuals, giving you as a client confidence we’ve understood the project scope, and helping to identify any design issues at an early stage.  All visuals used in this article have been produced by the Oakley’s in-house design team.


Floorplans and technical drawings go a long way to planning production line flow for food factories.  However, a CGI visual, with key attention to the plans and specification, can completely bring a concept to life.  This allows more layouts and production routes to be explored in the early design stages, and is a powerful tool to help the client visualise the end result.


Hyperrealistic visuals can offer the client a glimpse of the final project, when sometimes it seems far from completion.  Not only is this motivating for the whole build project, heading for a tangible result, it also allows for alternative designs and ideas to be rendered without the associated costs of building, before the works proceed.

We’ve also proved CGIs, when accurately represented to be an invaluable tool beyond the design phase, informing all workers of the design intent and allowing for no misinterpretation of plans and drawings.


Visualising the finished architectural appearance, if a project includes structural works, can really help with acquiring the necessary planning permissions.  As with interior works, it also allows experimentation with layout and design – giving you as a client a valuable chance to explore multiple options and get a feel for the project before it proceeds.

3D visuals have become an important part of the design process in recent years at Oakley.  We find it an extremely valuable tool; ensuring the client’s vision is realised, eliminating design flaws and exploring options.  It’s also a powerful reference tool for work on-site – seeing the project through to a successful completion.


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