“I need to expand, why is it important that I partner with a food industry specialist for the architectural and detailed design?”

19 April 2023

Is your factory manufacturing space bursting at the seams leaving you wondering where to start?

Our turnkey approach covers the whole process, from concept through design and into build. Read on to find out why it is important to choose a knowledgeable food industry specialist when designing your expansion project.

The risk of regret

Something you don’t want when moving into a new factory facility is regrets. Not being presented with design options in detail could result in fundamental design flaws. You don’t want to be later discovering better ways you could have built your new facilities and wondering why you didn’t consider or do them.

Choosing to carry out a design phase with an experienced food industry partner will mean all the options will be laid out to you to ensure that your new factory is built specifically to your business’s manufacturing needs.

Understanding your difficulties and constraints

A crucial part of the design phase is understanding the current difficulties and constraints your business is experiencing. Whether it be a larger high-care production area for food manufacturing, separating rooms to safeguard your manufacturing process, or improving/upgrading the areas to ensure accreditation requirements are met, you will need to address these issues to ensure your new factory space becomes the huge improvement you’ve been looking for.

Sitting down and having a thorough discussion with designers about areas you are currently struggling with will help you understand what needs to change and how your new factory should operate.

What is the science behind how much space I need?

It can be tricky going into an expansion project with little to no experience and can leave you wondering where to start. A common starting place is deciding how much space you need in your new factory facility to allow your business to cope with the growth you’re experiencing. If you skip the design phase, how are you able to determine the building size you require, or the amount of production space you need?

Discussing the must-haves and machinery requirements of your new factory with a design team will mean that they can guide you. Or even better you could work with our knowledgeable food factory design team who can give you peace of mind that you will have the space you need! With industry specific experience they will have a definite idea of the amount of space you need to ensure you can support the future growth of your business.

Knowledge of food safety certifications

Food safety certifications are often overlooked when planning an expansion project. Without knowledge of certain accreditations such as BRC or SALSA, you may find yourself in a difficult position when realising these haven’t been taken into consideration upfront, due to the design phase being avoided.

Working with a knowledgeable food industry design partner will mean that these accreditations are considered throughout the design process. This is not only important for the reputation of your brand but also saves you a lot of extra cost in the long run due to last minute additions being made to the project, to ensure the new factory facility meets food safety requirements.

Standard detail drawings

Choosing an experienced food factory fit-out partner will mean that the design of your project will be specifically done to follow food safety standards. This includes a pack of standard detail drawings to show how different elements of the facility will be built to ensure that building fabrics such as the flooring and walling are built in the correct way.

Give confidence to potential investors

Another important factor to consider when planning and designing your upcoming factory project is the importance of how potential investors could view your chosen partner. Choosing a trusted and reputable partner who has food industry specific knowledge will give investors confidence that you are partnering with a company who can design the factory and production facilities you need.

Oakley’s strong reputation is built on solid food factory design experience coupled with a unique turnkey approach that removes the stress and risks from food factory expansion. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat about your plans and we’ll advise what we think is best for you.