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Custom Factory Drainage Built For Your Needs

Effluent waste drainage is an important but often overlooked aspect of many food factory expansion or upgrade projects. The majority of food processing plants will require some level of drainage, dependent on whether the product is wet or dry, and the level of equipment washdown included in the production process.

Inadequate drainage can become a health and safety nightmare, as well as the cost of downtime due to blockages. Additionally, depending on the products being manufactured inadequate drainage can quickly clog with fat deposits from the manufacturing process.

A Reliable Drainage Solution That's Built To last

You need reliable drainage in your food factory in order to keep your outputs high and your downtime to a minimum. We know that you don’t want to be wasting time unclogging drains, dealing with bottlenecks in production or spending excessive amounts of time cleaning unnecessarily.

That’s why our stainless steel drainage systems are built to last and come with our 100% workmanship guarantee for your peace of mind.

Recent Projects

Stainless Steel Drainage Systems For The Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries

Oakley design, engineer and deliver drainage systems for both high-care and low-care environments, across the food, beverage and pharma sectors. Combined with hardwearing, hygienic resin flooring, our drainage systems will ensure you comply with current health and safety regulations, wherever you operate.

We are experts in the industry and have provided complete stainless steel floor and drainage installations for many reputable clients in the food and beverage industry, such as Foyle Foods, Cavan Bakery and Joe & Seph’s to name a few.

Our aim is always to minimise disruptions and get you back to full capacity as quickly as possible and we realise that you want peace of mind that once work starts again, it doesn’t stop.

Speak to the team today to discover how we can help overcome your drainage challenges and reduce production downtime!

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Painless experience

They know what they're doing, they have the expertise and the whole process has run smoothly. The bespoke turnkey element has made it very painless.

Berkshire Meat Traders

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