The importance of aligning food certification requirements when planning and designing the build of a new factory facility

5 June 2023

If you don’t think turnkey is the correct route for your upcoming expansion project, you will need to bear in mind who will take on the role of principal designer and contractor. This is an important factor as this will expose you to risk including ensuring your new factory facility is built to the requirements of necessary food certifications such as BRC and SALSA.

Food safety certifications are often overlooked when designing and planning an expansion project. Without the knowledge of what is looked looked for by governing bodies such as BRC or SALSA, you may find yourself in a difficult position when realising these haven’t been taken into account during the design process.

One of the reasons you may be expanding/upgrading your production facilities is because of growth required to meet the needs of supplying a major supermarket chain. One factor that will be important to them is meeting certain food standards along with their own stipulations. It is important that these are considered so that sales efforts are not hindered.

Choosing an experienced food factory fit-out partner will mean that the design of your project will be specifically done to follow food safety standards. This includes a pack of standard detail drawings to show how different elements of the facility will be built to ensure that building fabrics such as the flooring and walling are built in the correct way.

Working with a knowledgeable food industry design partner will also mean that these accreditations are considered throughout the design process. This is not only important for the reputation of your brand but also saves you a lot of extra cost in the long run due to last minute additions being made to the project, to ensure the new factory facility meets food safety requirements.

Oakley’s strong reputation is built on solid food factory design experience coupled with a unique turnkey approach that removes the stress and risks from food factory expansion. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat about your plans and we’ll advise what we think is best for you.