“To do two things at once is to do neither ” – why multitasking could be the worst thing you could do when expanding your factory

14 February 2023

Meet Tony… he is the owner of a food manufacturing business experiencing a period of growth, making the step from being a small regional business to a nationally recognised supplier. Tony has a vision to be the leader in his sector, with a world class food manufacturing facility that he can be proud to show his customers.

With the business taking on larger contracts, including supplying supermarkets, Tony needs to expand his manufacturing capacity and upgrade the standard of the production facilities to continue their growth trajectory and future-proof the success of the business.

However, Tony finds the prospect of factory expansion stressful and daunting. With the rapid growth the business has been experiencing, Tony is very involved in the day-to-day running of the business with every hour of the day seeming to be taken up with pressing HR, production and sales issues – so how is he going to find the bandwidth to manage expansion without damaging the growth of his business?

Tony is faced with a quandary; he knows that if he focuses on the project the business will suffer, but if he continues to focus on the running of the business the project will likely come off the rails!

This is because:

  • Different parties involved in the project, such as architects and contractors, need significant input particularly in the finer details of fit-out.
  • There will be a lack of coordination of day-to-day site activities.
  • Friction and ‘blame game’ will arise between contractors.

All these issues are likely to cause delays in Tony’s expansion project, resulting in slipping deadlines and spiraling costs- a stressful situation that Tony could do without!

The planning, design, construction and fit-out involved in a factory expansion project can be overwhelming, especially the thought of finding the time to manage it alongside leading your business through a period of growth.

If, like Tony, you’re planning expansion but recognise these challenges; good news – there is another way!

Get in touch with us today to explore whether our turnkey approach to food factory design, build and fit-out could be the answer you’ve been looking for.